Extreme mass ratio inspirals

Extreme mass ratio inspirals (EMRIs) comprise of a compact object of a few Solar masses spiraling into a supermassive black hole, typically found at centers of galaxies. EMRIs are important sources for space based detectors such as eLISA (evolved Laser Interferometer Space Antenna).

In this work we used the available 22 post-Newtonian (PN) Flux for non-spinning EMRIs to calculate accurate PN templates for GWs from EMRIs. We showed that some of these PN templates were comparable to high precision numerical waveforms. This was done by evaluating the dephasing between the PN and numerical waveform over two years for two Systems, one in the early and the other in the late inspiral phase of EMRI in the eLISA band.

For more information, refer to: arXiv:1304.5675.